Monday, September 3, 2012

Making the most of Libra; preparing for Saturn's transit in Scorpio

Saturn the planet linked with "getting down" and learning the lessons of ones' lifetime moves through the astrological signs (Aries through Capricorn) every 2.5 - 3 years. As patterns in nature and in our lives do repeat themselves (for better or worse) it's been my practice to notice whether my habits serve or disable my elder-in-training journey. For the past 2.5 years "Father Time" Saturn has been in the sign of his glory Libra, presenting experiences related to commitments and relationships; getting along with others is the theme until Saturn moves in Scorpio in early October. My astrologer Elsa P. is teaching an on-line workshop to prepare and assist with the 2.5 years of Saturn's transit through Scorpio.  If in the reading of this post, a spark of interest catches you, please check it out, the class is in its early stages, and lasts through October! She described the intent of that workshop and wrote on her blog:
  • Learn (Saturn) to manipulate energy (Scorpio).
  • Work (Saturn) with your subconscious (Scorpio).
  • Manage (Saturn) your power (Scorpio)
  • Take responsibility (Saturn) for your shadow (Scorpio)
  • Master your fear (Saturn) of the deep (Scorpio)
For Scorpios like me with many planets in the Mars and Pluto ruled water-sign, the workshop is such a boon. Learning in an on-line setting is perfect for me at this time of my life when group settings are difficult for me to manage in person. Over time, and since discovering ElsaElsa The Astrology Blog I learn to interact in the virtual world of the Internet. In many ways I remain the quiet girl who is comfortable alone, and likes to learn in private. But, the years of Saturn in Libra have given me time to think and define the kind of elder-in-training I am now. I do enjoy company, it's now a matter of whose company and though I live mostly a seduced life, when I do interact person-to-person the question is: Who am I when I relate to people? Since Scorpio moves through Libra in my 9th House of world view and philosophy I have made adjustments to the way I perceive my role in the world. Do I want and need to be the same 'teacher-type' I have been in the past, or is my job in need of a tweak? Something else in my learning has left me thinking about accepting the responsibility and the depth of Scorpio -- accept that I am fearful every day of my life, and ENJOY myself, anyway. Now that's mastering fear of the depths.

The Saturn through Libra transit began just after Pete and I began to root ourselves in the woods of Langley. We needed to stabilize and feel connected to something good. I wrote about an astrological angle on this stabilizing process a few months ago and used the North Node of the Moon (Taurus in my case) to braid together a meaningful and meaty story about rooting. Elizabeth Spring's description of the North Node in Taurus:

Soul Purpose: serenity and stability, regaining a sense of the sacred in the ordinary, a sense of having earned and gained by one’s own efforts, honoring good traditions and preserving what is valuable for future generations.
is especially helpful to me at this point. I am involved in the two month long on-line workshop focused on Saturn's transit which will light up the issues of deep power and responsibility in my 10th House. The House which asks 'What's my job?' As an elder, what values and responsibilities have come not through others' efforts or gifts to me but those which I have earned and gained one through my real choices? In other words, what have I learned that is worth preserving and passing along for future generations?

One key phrase has surfaced as I ask myself these questions: less is more. While time has passed since my last post here I have been preparing an application for the first of its kind Safe Oasis Grant. Instigated by the collective efforts of environmentally safe housing activist re/shelter a 501 C Non-profit organization "Re|shelter is currently offering five (5) small grants up to $2,000 each* to individuals whose ability to continue to live safely in their current home has been severely compromised by environmental intolerances.** Since 2007 my husband and I have learned what less is more means. Ever since our nights were spent at the Tide Pools sleeping in our car with the light of Mahina the moon, we began our lessons of 'less is more.'

Slowly yet steadily my life as an elder is blossoming because I live with less and appreciate the grandness of the small things. Like the squirrels who scamper to the ground after they have thrown pine cones onto our roof preparing for winter, Pete and I prepare for our third winter where temperatures and dampness require heat and insulation. The animals teach us that small is enough, but to live well as an aging human, knowing how to resourcefully ask and get the help you need is a talent that falls in the realm of Saturn and Scorpio. Hence the good reason for tuning and tapping into the astrological wisdom of a trusted astrologer. I need to learn to manage the shadow nature of the Scorpio energy in the elder years.Those squirrels are really something: full of mischief and intent on getting what they want (food/pine cones) they fling pines down KNOWING Jots (our kitty) loves squirrel meat. They don't postpone their pleasure.Getting along with others includes making peace with myself. Those squirrels are teaching this old gal some tricks I need to know. 

Whose teaching you some new tricks? 

UPDATE:  A new trick when I look at my natal astrology chart using the Equal House

system: my Nodes of the Moon shift and make "being at home/at peace" with myself, on Earth feel much more real!

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