Thursday, September 6, 2012

What a difference

It might have been too much sugar and caffeine. Or, it might have been me exploring (exploding!) the fit of the Nodal Shift I made the other day. Regular readers know I study astrology with Elsa Panizzon via her blog ElsaElsa; I am not a astrologer. But, if there are new visitors a bit of history ... At a pivotal time I discovered Elsa on the Internet. She saved my life by telling me in essence "if all your friends are deserting you, you might as well float." The advice was so obtuse it made perfect sense. Struggling with the decay and disease I could not explain nor inoculate against, I began writing (this blog and others); helped my husband build a Gypsy wagon to live in and float through the high tide of Global Warming, sensitivities (in all its manifestations), and kept learning astrology via The Astrology Blog. Elsa was the first astrology blog on the Internet, and has proven to be a source of constancy while encouraging a cyber community that respects diversity and 'respect' in general. I'm one of the old gals who is a regular but 'low-key' contributor. I don't write or post much on her blog but participate when I am inspired by the writing or am particularly 'educated' by an interpretation, and am an appreciative student in Elsa's on-line classrooms. My history with Elsa began in 2008.

Earlier this week something Elsa said began to tickle at me like an itch just below the surface. It's not a new thing for Elsa, but it was a new potential for me. From the Boards a year ago I found this that says something about my ramble today.

Elsa wrote: Lots of people out there who have been at it as long as I have use these other systems. I don't know if they have ever tried equal.  people do get attached to their placements and if they move, people don't like it but I can't tell you how many times I have explained their equal house chart to someone and had them realize it described them, instantly.  It's just a no fail thing for me but I would not stop searching on my word. I am just weighing in.

The link to that Board post will give those who are interested, more discourse about the different House Systems(used or preferred when reading an astrological chart). For me, the shift from reading my astrological chart using the Placidus (uneven house) to Equal Houses does two things right away. First, my Scorpio Sun (that does not change when you change the House system) moves from the 10th to the 11th House. Second, my North Node in Taurus (again that does not change) but it does move my North Node from the 4th to the 5th House. The nodes of the moon are polar opposites and with the shift in the way I interpret my chart I am there with what Elsa wrote above: "I can't tell you how many times I have explained their equal house chart to someone and had them realize it described them, instantly.  It's just a no fail thing for me..." The North and South Node influences are a key marker for my life navigation. I've learned and applied a lot of the writing found at Elizabeth Spring's North Node Astrology website. What I'm experiencing with this Node Node-South Node move is: this feels more like me!

Elizabeth Spring writes about an 11th House South Node, "With the South Node in the 11th house, there’s a chance that you need to move up an octave in choosing friends who support you and your dreams, and also a need to leave behind peer pressure in any of its forms. It’s important for you to become clear on who you are and who you want to spend your time with—move away from the crowds or groups that simply fill your time, and find a few “heart-mates” instead of acquaintances, and look for the community or place where you really belong. Look around a bit, so that you can sit at the right “camp-fire.”  it’s time to take more risks, to reach for center stage, and to develop one’s confidence---even if it means allowing your childlike qualities to come out more, and for you to be more of a “character.” Spring's expertise and focus as an astrologer has taught me to examine the South and North Nodes; I've done that. Using my own chart and the patterns and challenges that come up or repeat themselves it makes sense for me to feel the shift in Houses within the signs for a deeper and clear sense of direction. She goes on to say, "Your fifth house North Node here wants to have more fun, and to see life as a game worth playing. It can bring out your entrepreneurial and artistic side as well. This Nodal axis wants to get personal—to risk the love affair, to have a child, to express itself creatively. It doesn’t need to get philosophical and talk about saving humanity---how about just one child at a time? And maybe that child could just be your inner child that’s been neglected for awhile..."
That's the thing with 'sugar and caffeine' and the explosion that took place over the passed couple of days. Too often I've capped off the childlike character to make peace at all costs. It's not a bad thing -- getting along-- but even that can be taken to excess. I'm feeling so close to defining myself so I can and do find people who will be friends with the me I am today. The journey through is messy, there's no way around it when the answers are down there in the muddle. The fun I wish for has hastened me, that little girl me, to remember a friend with curly red hair and freckles. We used to make up dance routines to songs like HARVEST MOON, and explored the wondrous taboos of breasts on friends who had them when we didn't. So long lost this old friendship. I wonder too often if I was ever that playful girl  with a friend who knew I was creative and goofy. But, I was and I still am. I love to make up stuff, love to dance and hope it's not too late to save that girl child. What a difference a move, a day, can make. Twenty-four little hours. Sing it Esther!

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