Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Time travel

Kaa'awa, North Shore, O'ahu
Kuliouou Beach Park ... the river, the Ko'olau Range and Paiko
Sandy Beach ... The Naupaka, white sand, Tide Pools and place where Honu love to feed

It's a wandering sort of day. Up very early I caught up with my son via email, and did some rewrites on The Safety Pin Cafe. You might have noticed the 10-dose fairy tale remains available to read here in it's original unedited form. Thank Jupiter for going direct and moving me into changing my mind about taking the story down. (Slide down the side-bar if you're interested in reading it.)My son's editing the story and together the process and the story open up because two other eyes and the ideas behind those eyes see something more. The collaboration is wonderful. Internal landscape includes the imagination, and the imagination is fed on things real and the space between. 

To refuel that internal landscape I visited O'ahu through the cyber-avenues stopping first at one of Pete's frequent cyber-stops ilind.net. Ian Lind blogs from the North Shore of O'ahu and is one of the top Hawaii blogs. For all sorts of reasons, the O'ahu journalist, historian and political hound dog has created a go-to place. I'm usually peeking over Pete's shoulder as he reads the latest scoop: politics, cat reports (Lind and his wife have 8 or 9), and over the years his posts and photos about his parents round out a well-conceived and executed blog. Today I was captivated by Lind's recent post about a long-time, and long gone landmark restaurant. M's Ranch House was in Aina Haina, not far from where my family lived. Two valleys Koko Head, as a matter of fact. That's where I lived as a kid.

One thing led to another and along with a request from a family member asking for genealogical info to flesh out the family tree, I was caught in time traveling. The three photos are beach shots of three of my favorite and most frequented wahi pana (sacred places) on O'ahu. These three places have a long or marked history for me. Ka'aawa was the place Pete and I hoped would be a safe haven for us. It was short-lived, but we experienced it and stories will come from that. Kuliouou Park and the river are places from childhood. Concrete and new histories cover the memories of times when dairy cows, Costa's store and Mrs. Quon School nourished the valley families. Sandy Beach and The Tide Pools they are both a childhood sacred place, and the place where Pete and I called 'home' during the dark hours of night and homelessness.

Internal landscapes and imagination feed storytellers. And, we all tell stories.

M’s Ranch House, which once stood in Aina Haina.

M’s Ranch House, which once stood in Aina Haina.

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