Monday, February 4, 2013

Under pressure? Saturn squares the Sun

Satori from is really rolling with bowls filled with astrological food to fuel me. Today, as the sun winds down on this Monday after the 'Ole Moon phases, she fed me this to prepare for tomorrow:
"... Saturn squares the Sun, challenge, but that’s not always a bad thing. It also slows down the process and instills structure. That can create value through permanence...." Read the entire post for tomorrow's sky here.
I am gradually rolling out a week of feeling poorly and came to our trusted old Acer laptop(the big bruiser of a desk top computer is still in get-used to me mode, We aren't used to a monitor that's huge and bright!) to see what bones might be in old Mother Hubbard's cupboard. Sometimes, like the nursery rhyme there is nothing but lucky me today Satori had something to nourish me.

Any Saturn-heavy readers here? Satori's reading of tomorrow's heavenly alignment could offer a nice tweak to the persistent challenge of being Saturnian. I'm drinking a mug of ginger tea and heading back to the vardo for a bit of Saturn and silliness with Nanny McPhee. 

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