Sunday, August 11, 2013

Common heroics: using the energy of a Grand Cardinal Cross

"[The Grand Cardinal Cross]... While this is a recipe for emotional upset and family (Moon, Cancer) strife (Mars), it’s also a good day to surprise (Uranus) the collective (Pluto) by pulling off a heroic feat." - ElsaElsa today
We're back home after a short outing to one of our favorite farmer's market. The weather is shifting a bit from the weeks of rain-free July the vardo steps were wet from an overnight rain. The wild huckleberries are showing up green and hard like pellets, but the promise of ripeness starts to shine through after a shower.

I was up very early this morning, tweaked by the emotional upset contributed by the astrology of the universe's sky. There are things I can do: I turn to the tools of the makua o'o and notice what's happening inside and out; listen with my whole body and; ask for clarity. Timing is really out of my hands as I attend to what I can do, and what I can think. With no one awake but me and my cat we spent the early hours comforting each other. The purr of a cat is direct medicine! Licking my hand also helps.Within a couple hours the emotional upset had flowed out and into the universe, into the earth, out into the air. I did some writing and freed up space for something new ... strife was averted internally.

After breakfast Pete and I worked together on a home improvement project that needs to be in place before the winter rains come and park here in the woods. We are replacing the golf umbrellas over the vardo porch. Sweet as they have been for three years, the sun and rain have worn them down and something else is needed. Pete has extended the copper-piped frame we use to protect us from the weather. Two years ago we found an unused roll of 10 year old outdoor canvas. I use it for projects in our tiny home spaces. This year I'm figuring out how to sew and tether the canvas into an awning.
With help from the fantastically helpful and knowledgeable lady-at-the-sewing store I think I have what I need to take the next steps.

In a way this is the Uranus (surprising) stuff that makes our life as tiny home folks exciting and satisfying. We use stuff we have and apply the magic that made The Safety Pin Cafe ... and pin solutions together. When we took a break and showed up at the South Whidbey Tilth Farmer's Market there were neighbors to chat with, new neighbors to meet; connections to be made and pins to link one person's need with another person's skill. The first year (four summers ago) on Whidbey Island this farmer's market was the place I could safely be: chemical and pesticide free with people who seemed to care, authentically! Now I can offer new people the support and hand-holding assurance that yes ... there's someone here who can help. The whole morning was one of common heroics.

Tomorrow the four days and nights of the 'Ole Moons give us time to reflect and review, weed and repair, maintain what's working and recoup from whatever, and whatnot.

And you?

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