Monday, August 26, 2013

The original Safety Pin Cafe

Whistling and playing in the original Safety Pin Cafe
The three 'Ole Moons of Kaulana Mahina begin tonight, a good time to catch my breath and relax between the activity of one season ending (summer) and the next coming up. We are harvesting berries, beans and greens from the gardens and enjoy the company of my son (back from France)*, and our 'aina mates MK and Eileen. The project of transforming and producing the storytelling event of The Safety Pin Cafe is well underway. I have a deadline: just a bit over a month from now. Exciting, and if I'm not remembering to soften the ground of my being, I flip-out and then need to tether again. Whistling and playing ukulele yesterday morning helped a lot.

'Ole Moons are a time for rest, reflection and weeding. I need this.  It's a tough week, Satori says. You?

 * Merci Laurence for the wonderful new camera!

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