Monday, February 17, 2014

Mercury is retrograde through February 28, 2014

I'm up and writing very early this Monday morning. The wind is blowing through the trees outside. I have the Quonset door open, to hear their songs and feel the cool air on my bare feet. The flannel is down across the opening tempering my exposure to the damp air. The sky is dark, JOTS is asleep on the top of the frig after a bit of a stretch, and a scratch on her very itchy self. A drip from the faucet keeps time to the windsong as I filter our drinking water while I write.

Most of my attention for writing throughout the month of February has been on the process of being with the medicine story The Joy Weed Journal. It's a new process of showing the story to a handful of people -- an audience. We engage in the give-and-take of art in the making. Though I wasn't thinking of it consciously, the process is a wonderful way to make use of Mercury's retrograde (reviewing). Satori over on ElsaElsa wrote this about the sky today:

"... Mercury squares Saturn and trines Mars. Going over your recent work to catch outstanding details that have gone awry is a great use of this energy. They’ll likely stick out like a store thumb and it should go quickly. It will go quickly once you get started and get to really working on it...
I thought it was fun to see that sometimes the fun of art is in the back and forth rhythm of things: nature doesn't travel in a straight line. Something new is taking place (that's Uranus' job) and unexpected outcomes happen. Loosening my grip on what a story wants to say has opened a door to being more willing to get the help I need. Anything like that happening in your world?

Photo credit: The beautiful image is the intricate and amazing fiber art lace work "Can't see the forest for the trees" by Rachel M Gardner.

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