Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today's New Moon in Gemini, May 28th, 2014: start, stop, start, stop

 …this New Moon is square Neptune (almost exact)- bringing a confusing, illusory, deceptive energy into the mix. We want to start new things and we think we know what we want- but along comes Neptune to throw up some Neptune fog that is hard to see through.
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I spent yesterday in Silent Retreat. Awakened from sleep with heavy waves of grief and confusion, the last thing I wanted to do was talk. My emotions have been coming out side-ways with guilt throwing itself into my area left and right. With Saturn transiting my 10th House of Public Persona, maybe its a matter of self-protection ... I needed to close down to get even a semblance of clarity. There are few people in my area, but to save myself the energy I safety pinned my intention for the day onto my deep sea blue sweater and took time to go even deeper. The quote that begins this post is a small excerpt from a very nicely assembled astrological sampling of the New Moon in Gemini happening (in the US) at midday today. Having just read, and reread Mystic Mamma's gleanings it helped me to swim and rest through the watery experience of grieving the death of my brother, and admit to the collateral effect of grief (and astrology) as other deep, hidden and karmic lessons demand attention. With a powerfully occupied 8th House (Karma, Family Inheritance/Death and Shared Resources), Saturn and Mars are in opposition to the transiting Saturn in the 10th House. With the death of my brother all my 'First People' ... my family of origin are now on the other side. If there was ever a doubt, and there has never been, that my brother was a Trickster, his energy is palpable now. He is every where, and he is now without boundaries as far as meddling goes. He stirs things up, and as has been our history, I have all too frequently 'taken the bait' as if it were the turkey dinner with all the trimmings I am so desperately craving. Crazy-making, ha? Not so crazy if you know what ties a family of origin can have.

New Moon is a time to create new dreams, set new plans and evolve just a little (or a lot). The perspective of considering, and attending to the ground of things helps me to swim gently with the sandy bottom within reach of my tiny toes. I am being given things to reexamine in my life, and the area of health and relationships are prime among them. Being unable to travel in a plane because I am sensitive to multiple conditions/environments is limiting. To move beyond feeling guilty for being me, I am having to dive deeper to get at some other approach. Ivy Baker Priest,  said, "The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning." Okay, so I'm going in ever bigger circles. You might get a real kick by clicking on the link to once-treasurer of The US Ivy Baker Priest for comic relief. My circular journey, is probably more like the spiral of circles that grows larger, or contracts depending upon the direction of travel. There are issues that are coming up from my past: past decisions, choices about my relationships and dependencies (that's big 8th House territory). I'm the last one of the family of origin still in the body this time around. My angel, Angeles Arrien (who has also recently joined my family on the other side) teaches this about what all traditional people believe about their ancestors. Angeles says the Ancestors all stand behind us saying, "Oh, maybe this one will bring the Best, the Beautiful, the True. Breaking the harmful patterns of our legacy. Oh, maybe this one ..."With this new lunar cycle beginning, this new time of Mahina moving around the Earth, I pray for the courage to truly believe I am the one to bring the best, beautiful and true patterns and legacy. My brother, the Trickster, has made the leap into the mystery. He often referred to himself as a chameleon, changeable with the environment. Maybe this time, he will help me to live peaceably with the environment while staying truly who I am without having to disappear or abandon myself. Maybe this time.

This is a Trickster New Moon. Be it known!

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