Monday, July 14, 2014

To Begin Initiations: Marking hands and feet

"Many cultures of the world would purify or mark hands and feet before or after an initiation in recognition of their capacity to bridge the profane and the sacred worlds."- The Second Half of Life

 Barefoot, my feet are cleaned and stand upon the many healing herbs of the male laukahi that grows like ground cover throughout our orchard. Link here to learn more about laukahi and its medicinal uses. Note the size of the laukahi is broad, not spear-like. These are male, kane, plants.
I was given this red hibiscus temporary tattoo several years ago, and have safety pinned it in its protective covering all those years. Waiting for just such an occasion as today? I think so. It's a beginning, a continuation !

Today is the first day of study with the elder work and practices described and shared by Angeles Arrien in her book The Second Half of Life. It is a beautiful day to mark and cleanse my hands and feet for the process of entering and leaving the 8 gates of wisdom to fully develop as Makua O'o.  I began the day with a morning chant of E Ho Mai, and then gathering the medicine (tools and company) to prepare for the day. I am writing my process down in a private online study space. For so many people the Summer is a busy time of activity, we are at our most robust exploding with the energy pent up during winter, and potent with blossom in the spring. I use the next eight weeks of summer to feed myself for the lessons offered at the 8 Gates as I rigorously for the rest of my initiation into the elder years.

There is space for you in the study group if you are ready for the rigor. Contact me.

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