Monday, July 7, 2014

Apply the salves of story and silence

"Summer is here on Whidbey Island. The sun warms up the woods and the communities beyond the small world where we live. The stories that are my real life cross into the medicine stories healing, mending and transforming the sorrow that requires much more than a prescription; quick fixes don't apply. What summer does teach me though is how Nature moves. Change happens. Not usually at a rate that most humans appreciate, it makes no nevermind. Nature will change at Her pace..."

 Nature truly does move with regularity. As I move slowly through the natural process of mending a grieving heart, it is story that helps me with the messy yet essential alchemy of accepting. What lives dies. What dies is never truly gone. JOTS my sweet black cat and I walk through the process and find silence is the other ointment waiting to embrace me. The medicine story I have been writing picks up once again. It's nice to know story is patient. To read the new installment of the medicine story go here.

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