Friday, May 8, 2015

Pretty red hibiscus

The wind, ka makani, blows gently through the arrow-tipped leaves of the salmon berry bushes. If the door to the Quonset is open he breezes through, swirling, visiting us, reminded me of the many, many memories wind carries. 

Today is one of those days when family and everything that means will be visiting us. The message from my astrologer's newsletter today notes the feelings that come from being separated from family. Elsa says that whether one thinks about it, or not, the feeling will be there. It's true for me. I am both thinking and feeling the value of my family. I miss being with them. To fill in some of that longing I email, I phone, I send messages, I invite the wind to visit with us here, I write.

Earlier this week I began drinking (more regularly) freshly brewed, and iced red hibiscus tea. It wasn't a decision that came from researching (though I have done that, and did more after drinking). It was one of those strong intuitive nudges. You know da kine. I love the taste of the tangy brew, and when I drink it I am led back to the huge red hibiscus hedge that bordered one length of our family place in Kuli'ou'ou Valley. Thick, wild, tall and beautiful pretty red hibiscus. Little did I know the red hibiscus tea of one of the most research teas on the planet at this point. Good stuff for a hibiscus rooted woman like me. The body and soul does seek out the medicine right for making the whole pono. I mahalo the guidance, and the availability of the dried red blossoms here where I live!

My mother, my brother David, my Aunty Lily, and my cousin Butch had a hand in the original planting of the old red hibiscus hedge back home. I remember all of them, mothers in such meaningful ways. Tomorrow is Mother's Day in the States (U.S.) To all us mothers, "Hulo, Hurray for us." 

Mothers Every where, sharing a cuppa with you!

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