Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Moon Rounds

Traditions are ways and means of being with your relatives over time. The things we do, the way we do those things; the way we relate to the others (humans, elements, creatures) in our environment; the way we reciprocate become traditions. Sometimes, especially in a contemporary community these ways and means are unconscious. Habit replaces tradition, and without 'being conscious of the embodied experiences that define[...]' tradition, there is no differentiation. So wrote Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele in the opening lines to Ka Honua Ola, The Living Earth.  Dr. Kanahele primes us, challenges us Kanaka Maoli to be awake to the ways and means of relating to this living earth and for that I am very grateful. 
Mahina Hoonui

The Moon, Mahina rounds in her cycle toward full. And me too, thickening in my maturity, rounding in ways that both test and affirm my journey. Too many pancakes with maple syrup? Yes, too many and then my body works hard to process the refined wheat. An addiction that I must relate to with care, and forgiveness. I notice it, feel the elastic stretch at my waist, and make an extra effort to chop more onions and add another clove of garlic to tonight's soup. 

The process of growing the new school HO'OMOKU challenges me to round out my obsession to 'make good.' I'm writing out this process as the foundation for this teaching place takes shape. Over at the cybersite where I put my thoughts and discernment I wrote:

"My Ancestors were keen observers. Kilo practitioner and ethno-scientist Kalei Nu'uhiwa answers Three Common Questions About Kaulana Mahina on her website. She answers the question, "Where does the term Kaulana Mahina comes from?" by citing three scholars' definitions, including Pukui and Elbert (Hawaiian Dictionary),Zepelino Keauokamalie and Joseph M. Poepoe. Her conclusion:
"Therefore Kaulana Mahina is a traditional Hawaiian science that employed the methodology of keen observation, hypothesis, and trial and error, noting conclusions and then organizing time by the traditional environmental experts called kahuna."
Between this blog and that one,  I spread the thinking process out and make connections. I round out. And you, where you are? How does the moon round for you?

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