Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Native Fern

A Native Fern is the newest medicine story I am writing. Its title was plucked from the pages of the Hawaiian Dictionary on a morning when something other than loss was greater. The word is maku'e, which means "A native fern with long, narrow, undivided fronds, which are coated on both sides with soft, brown scales." 

If you are new to these medicine stories, they are written in doses, homeopathic remedies for healing soul and heart(h) in gentle stanzas influenced by daily life and messages that cross the borders where separation is mutable, and subject to artistic tampering.

This story comes with the first hours of the New Year of the Fire Monkey, a clever year of tricky activities that can make for surprising outcomes. Monkey is not unlike the many Tricksters of the Universe and for me the year began with a not so subtle realization: I am forgetting ... To deal with and make something of this awakening the Fire Monkey sent a 'morsel of a being' to listen to my thoughts. New characters showed themselves, and gave me permission to name them.  Sophie Lei Maku'e, and her life at the stage when all is not fresh and green has a story wishing to be told. Here it is (click).

A small and swift moving Anna's Hummingbird has shown up to be Sophie Lei's coach, therapist, astrologer, friend. Sophie must be one of us, a Makua o'o, in training to be an elder. 

I am having fun with this new and unexpected tale wishing life,

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