Monday, February 29, 2016

Measure me or not?

"The pancakes filled them with all the things they loved. The freshly laid eggs came from the hens who scratched and tilled the orchard floor. Butter melting in the small orange pan just smelled right. Lei'ohu pinched enough of the sweet-smelling cinnamon to sprinkle over the whole wheat flour and old-fashioned oats. Sophie nodded when she thought there was enough. "Mommy uses a spoon to measure things like cinnamon when we bake." Sophie had her granddaughter wrapped in a patch-worked apron and encouraged her to use it to wipe her fingers and hands as needed. "There are many ways to measure what you need in a good recipe, Sweetie Pie. Some cooks will tell you spoons and measuring cups are must have's. Other cooks have an eye for what's right, and a feel for how much flour should go with that much (she pointed to the mountain of oats) oatmeal. I am one of the Lucy Goosey Cooks. Sometimes I measure, but not always. Other times, I just picture how things go together ... and most of the time I'm right."
"Mostly is good enough ha, Tutu."
The latest installment of the medicine story A Native Fern is called 'Measure me or not?" It starts with the paragraph above, and, though those bananas and chocolate sauce below aren't in that story, they could end up there because the thing about stories is ... they sniff for their next ingredient like all excellent cooks sniff for 'just right'.

Do you measure when you bake, or not? Step into the kitchen with Sophie Lei and her granddaughter Lei'ohu for something delicious. 

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