Friday, May 6, 2016

Hedgespoken "stitched with stories and adventure ..."

When Pete, my husband, and I began to build a life that would be wheeled, I found a woman, an artist, an alchemist of words and someone who had a heart that beat strongly when I was unsure of my own. She, this strong hearted woman created a blog where her life and her ways were pictured both with words and her hauntingly beautiful beings. She called this blog The Hermitage. Once I discovered her, and her world, I have followed and been inspired to hear my heart more courageously. 

Below is a small quote from a recent (May 1, 2016) post from Rima Staines' and Tom Hirons' Hedgespoken  site. The strong hearted woman and her family continue to build a life that is truly hand-made. The links to see for yourselves, dear readers, what this hand-made life story is will speak for itself. I leave my congratulations, and best wishes to Rima and Tom and their massively community-based dreams coming true. Thank you for the bright light of an example for a good and truly colorful life!
"... In this year and a half of building, our lives have also changed immeasurably with the birth of our son in February 2015. Over this epic year, we have lived in a yurt for 6 months, and with friends for a few more, whilst we waited for our home to be born. We have set out on the incomparable path of parenthood, our path made harder by the immense work that has been the birthing of Hedgespoken, but also with a sense of planting a flag in the ground ahead, making a life for our boy that is stitched with stories and adventure and the colourful stuff of dreams. This bit was bound to be hard, but the stretch has been more than we could have imagined, and we are not quite at the other side of it yet..." - Rima Staines (link to the entire blog post by clicking on 'Rima Staines')


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