Friday, May 27, 2016

Q is for Quirky and Quintiles

Mercury has recently moved forward after his retrograde in Earth bound Taurus, things and thinking are freed-up. On moon-level, we Hawaiian sky watchers know today and tonight are one of the three 'Ole Moons after the Full Moon. A good time for reflection, weeding, editing.

I was looking at my Natal Chart, again, and saw something new. I know, the mysteries continue to unearth. The stories pant to be watered. What I saw was how Mercury in my chart Quintiles four planets (including the moon). Three of those planets (Mars, Saturn, Pluto) aspect just about everything in my chart in turn).

Quintile? What? So I did my Mercury thing and GOOGLED "Quintiles." I found this from my friend and astrologer Donna Cunningham. An article from 2010 "Understanding Quintiles--What's YOUR Talent?". Donna has a talent for simplifying and clarifying dense material, she also has Quintiles galore.

If you're at a point of wondering about, dusting off or stumbling over the path to your talent(s) Donna's insight might help. I'm mulling my talents and gifts over, kicking things around, making notes here and there. Quirky stuff these Quintiles.

Are there Quintiles in your Natal chart?

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