Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Kapu Moons of Kaulana Mahina: Lono Po and the Bowl of Light

"I have told this story, many times, but as all storytellers know most good stories are told with minor variation and still maintain the value and the lesson. This one is about readiness and trust.

Aunty Betty

Pete and I were a very new couple, tentative but willing to venture into a relationship in the later years, we began with letters. Lots of them. I was not yet divorced from a marriage of more than twenty years, my bowl was cracked and through the dreaming Pete floated in. It was unexpected, sweet and unpredictable. Letters, words are powerful commitments and especially so with people like Pete and me. We come from different angles on words, but the composite is ... many unexpected outcomes.

We joined each other in this couple-making in the valley I had called 'homestead' for two brief days and nights, and then packed our ukana (stuff) and moved to Maui where I had a job waiting. I was to teach-train in a large Maui resort. Within days, Pete would be hired as a carpenter at the same resort. It was a special and precious time, our Maui time. Among the people we met was a kupuna who was leading a workshop focused on Hawaiian Values. She was introduced to me by my cousin as someone who was doing what I had done (teaching the value of Poi Bowl). My cousin said, "Find her." Aunty Betty Kawohiokalani Jenkins found me, at that resort. We began to talk and I pursued her as my mentor. She included me in her journey as teacher and inspiration and shared her mother's teachings of Makua O'o.

Makua O'o has been my foundation. Kawohiokalani and I have gone on to teach and learn, grow and age, makawalu, makawalu. While preparing for the last of the posts for this "Unfurling" Wa'a I found this video of Aunty, and share it with you now. A perfect gift and prayer for Lono Po ... "
I've just published the post above in my workshop-blog "Unfurling" with a prayer of thanks specific for the wa'a kaulua (canoe) that has taken me, Pete and a small and powerful group of women through a voyage of discovery.  We are truly blessed with the adventure and more is yet to come.  The study and practice of life with the Kaulana Mahina (time with Mahina) always include po of prayer, and appreciation.  Tonight/today is one of those, the final recognition of a month living with connection to all-there-is seen and unseen.  Lono, god of health and harvest this is your time.

This video is of Aunty Betty Kawohiokalani Jenkins is fine tribute to the many manifestations of health and harvest, trust and timing.  It was she and her Mama who opened the doors to my life as Makua O'o. You who read here, this is one of my points of reckoning:  still up there on stage, dressed and styling (check out the sandals!) and walking her talk.

Mahalo Aunty Betty Kawohiokalani,

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