Monday, July 25, 2011

NEW WORK: Mahina~messages from The Hawaiian Moon

I admit, I am obsessed with Mahina.  She is such a great teacher, goddess, comforter.  The last week of the workshop Unfurling (the four of the on-line workshops focused on the Hawaiian Universe through the eyes of Kaulana Mahina) wraps up this week.  I will take a break from writing and teaching those workshops, and shift a bit, but not stop writing.  So many ideas and thoughts inspire me to just keep it going ... i mua!

I invite you to sign-up for my newsletter Mahina~Messages from The Hawaiian Moon, that I'll begin writing and publishing this coming week-end, as the month of July closes, and the new anahulu begins with Hilo, Monday, August 1st, 2011.

If you have been interested in the content of the on-line workshops, but been unavailable to join in, those workshops will resume in the Fall (TBA).  In the meantime, the newsletter may be just enough to tickle your interest and your inspiration from the energy of the changing sky, Papa Huli Lani, and the influence of Mahina.


"The start of a newsletter is both an old favorite form of communication, yet different this time. I have loved creating newsletters in print, paper newsletters: editing and publishing them for clients and for the small business ventures I have done alone, or with Pete. There's something about assembling words and pictures that I love. Transforming and transmitting is a twin process of turning compost (loss and confusion) into life and understanding (aloha!)..."

Don't pass up another chance to be inspired by Carlos Andrade's beautiful lyrics and Gabby Pahinui's voice singing MOONLIGHT LADY in the video above.  Share the obsession:)

Click here to read the whole post on the new newsletter :

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