Saturday, July 30, 2011

MAULI The 'sometime moon' of Kaulana Mahina

29th po of Mahina
 Mauli (“Ghost,” “spirit”; Malo: “fainting”; Kepelino: “last breath”)

From the woods of Langley on Whidbey Island, I'm writing while Pete cooks up breakfast -- chicken sausages, and a side of Greek Yogurt, and polenta.  My son's with us, sitting outside on the vardo steps in the sunshine of a summer day.  We've had three, going on four summer weather days with temperatures a moderate mid-70's at it's peak.  Nice, warm enough for me who is now so ma'a (used to) moderate I would be hard-pressed to be easy with much more that the mid-70's.  It's what I've gotten used to.

The Kaulana Mahina is my major teacher of learning how to get used something different.  Today/tonight is one of those times of "sometimes, yes"  "sometimes, no".  The MAULI Po, is a phase of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar which is 'missing' on some months; sometimes a month is 29 days/nights long, sometimes it is 30 days/nights long.  Similar to the 'Leap Year' the relationship between Hina the Moon, Earth, where we live and determine our comparison, and the Sun needs a +/- to 'make sense.'  The technical reasons, the science and observable accounting for the Mauli Moon isn't what I'm getting at here.  There are explanations.  Rather than just explain, we have learned to accept that in the counting of time, you can't always nail it down and put it onto a static calendar.  Discomfort?  Well, yeah but life is that way, sometimes. 

The point is unless you look up:  see and say, "Ah, a'ole moon (no moon)" the messages from Mahina are subtle and easily missed...present but not your present. The Kaulana Mahina was created by an indigenous people, living closely with land, sky and responsibility.  Time was regular and changeable.  The newsletter Mahina~Messages from the Hawaiian Moon is newly published, and is available for FREE view for the weekend.  Check it out, join the Mahina 'Ohana.  After Monday, the newsletter is available for $10- a month.

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