Sunday, August 14, 2011

Is it too late to look up?

I didn't mean to write this.  We're just back from the Sunday Farmers' Market where we do our bit of volunteering at a place that is just our pace with people who encourage us to be part of the solution.  One like me healing from the effects of chemical injury is always, always overjoyed (can you be too joyful?) to have a place where fragrances and chemicals are not encouraged and in fact encourages us to bring in our Freed-Up practices on-site.  My market bag was filled with one beautiful large zucchini ($1.00), large Italian green beans ($3.00), 4 first-of-the-season Transparent Apples ($1.00) and two 18" Japanese cucumber ($1.50 each).  The morning was easy, the clean-up swift, and the calm vibe from last night's Field-to-Table Harvest Feast still lingered sweet in the memory. 

The full moons of Kaulana Mahina are moving toward Kulu, the fat Mahealani moon was brilliant in the dark sky above the wooded home where we live.  I was just saying to Pete how truly blessed we are to be in such dark and restoring space at night.  I was in the city earlier in the week, driving into Seattle and being in the light intense space of freeways and urban economy.  Healing from chemical injury has meant noticing and attending to the high risk of exposure to too much light -- artificial light.  My night driving and airport adventure was just as I thought it would be:  difficult, but short.  My honey is home, we made the last ferry crossing at 1:05 a.m. and life is good back in the woods.

As I sit waiting for the water to heat so I can wash up the dishes, I sat and thought of Kauai, and Joan Conrow.  Months have passed since I checked in on Kauai Eclectic. It's not an easy blog to read.  It's not Conrow's writing that makes it hard to read, it's always the truth she flattens me with that forces me to check it out with lots of time in between.  The post that got me was entitled "Look Up " and was as suspected, a  piece that began with the full moon shouting at Conrow to get up and bask in her illumination.  The rest of the piece went in typical Joan Conrow style for the na'au with bits of human and societal choices that make you think "TOO LATE, already."  The entire post on Kauai Eclectic is here:

From the confines of my small Quonset, where the light of early afternoon sun brights the deep forest thicket, I know Kauai, the Monk seals, Johnson Atoll and the choices of organized systems fall so short of a planet lived in pono.  I know the effects of short-sighted solutions and live with healing from that short-sightedness most days.  I also know that LOOKING UP is the way we found our way out and back to a life lived a lot more firsthand, and that feels really good.  The water's hot, it's time to wash dishes.

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