Monday, August 22, 2011

What people have said about our HAWAIIAN MOON WORKSHOPS

" The Hawaiian Moon Calendar workshops have helped me to become more in tune with the moon, the natural world and the kanaka maoli perspective.  I truly look forward to each posting.  It continues to be a joy to read the depth and thoughtfulness of Mokihana's writing.  These workshops also remind me to slow down within my fast paced modern life.  They have become a vital part of my "practice" to finding my way back to nature and the ways of our ancestors. 

- hm, Oakland, CA

"..there are times in life when we are seeking more than other times. this is true for me. i look to nature, the celestial for insights, story, history and science.  Mahina, the Moon has always fascinated me. Through this workshop i have come to appreciate the storytelling of Moon, water and contemporary history as well as mythology from a Hawaiian rhythm. i have enjoyed and continue to enjoy delving into this world of inspiration and thought provoking reflection with Mokihana and the rest of the Wa'a crew. Mokihana's writing is beautiful, thoughtful and funny.

it is trippy in here, and thats my favorite part about it."
-RA, Mill Valley, CA

The next voyage in our cyber-wa'a 'WAYFINDING WITH MAHINA' begins this Sunday, August 28th, 2011.  Click here to preview the wa'a and sign-up for the workshop and newsletter.

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