Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pete's Crescent Coop

Pete and I were looking at the first picture taken of us as an all-most couple.  Seventeen years ago.  Still crowing after all those years, and all the challenges.  He's a building man, Pete is.  He's built us a home, a Quonset kitchen and soon a bathhouse.  Chicken coops or hen housing is his latest gig ... bringing in cash, and making places for hens to crow while giving birth to those eggs we people love to eat.

These are pictures taken of Pete's latest coop, with a Crescent Moon venting window for the gals.

Do you coop chickens or house hens?  Do they range free?  What do you feed them?


  1. hehe...thats great a little view for the gals!!! thought provoking questions, hmmm.

    love the coop, pete! fascinating to see expressions of coop. so simple yet can be complicated.

  2. Renee, Will pass your comment along to the Pete man ...yah, there are so many coops in this community. There's a Coop Tour every summer where you can visit a dozen hen houses within a few miles of one another.


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