Friday, August 12, 2011


Navigating is an ancient and persisting activity for all beings though not exclusive to humans the knowledge and wisdom of 'wayfinding' is a skill that has benefitted humans for centuries. Getting from here to there on an ocean of more than 20,000 miles, the Pacific Ocean is home to great navigators, and a culture based on connection with sky-water-earth navigation as a firsthand and innate source of balance, or pono. This blog-wa'a -- a cyber canoe, serves as metaphor and practical connection with the goddess Hina and her thirty po passage through the sky. Kaulana Mahina [The Hawaiian Moon Calendar] pictured on the sidebar of the blog is our one-dimension image of Kaulana Mahina. Using words, images, story and firsthand living, these monthly blog voyages serve as sextant and seat of exploration, encouraging all who come to LOOK UP to make sure of your place in time, and feel the affects of be connected, or disconnected. Finding your way back into a life lived firsthand? This may be a wa'a with a seat for you...
I am preparing the next month-long workshop focused on the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.  This one continues the study of Mahina and reviews the valuable lessons of living intune with moon-time.  I have created the beginnings of this blog-workshop but wait for input from readers and returning 'paddlers' to load this wa'a with knowledge, experience and stories that will nourish you, and build our capacity to sustain ourselves as well.

Link below to read the blog, and offer your thoughts on the polls found on Wayfinding with Mahina.
It's a full moons [there are more than one in Kaulana Mahina]weekend.  Enjoy being seen and being with the one(s) you love!

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