Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jupiter planted seeds and we are gett'n down and dirty

We're thinking about creating something we put on the back burner eight years ago.  Life brought change, we attended to it, made many moves, learned some things, forgot more things and now we are 'retired' and busier than we've ever been living a life that seems to fit us more comfortably than ever before.  Work, hard work is part of this comfortable life:  illusions and delusions can be very hard especially when you don't recognize them; other times an innocent or temporary delusion is just the way around something you know is there ... procrastination?  Probably.  But, to be honest and gentle with myself, I see that really sometimes the way through the evolutionary process of becoming, a gal has got to wiggle around things until the time is 'right.'  Being makua o'o is hard work, and with a blueprint like mine with no major assists in the area of fun and creativity (the 5th House) I can get far too serious about the way to learn things.  Rigid.  Don't misunderstand me, I know I have lessons to learn about getting down to earth and grounded in the things that I 'think about'.  Astrology is my greatest school and over and over time and again being human (life as a being on earth) makes more sense when I plaster the huli of the heavens to my life.  In other words, when I get to work with values that are mine and not those I have adopted I am living comfortably in my skin and grounded in what feeds my internal hunger. Evolutionary astrologists and ancient ancestors would say I am 'feeding the dragon' .  I get this wisdom in a way that fits my sense of value.  The makua o'o could easily be a shortened version of makua mo'o.  Mo'o the goddess lizard-drazon.  The mo'o also another word for follower.  I connect the ancient way of looking at the head (or mouth) of the dragon when describing the North Node of the Moon in astrology; and the tail of the dragon when describing the South Node of the Moon.  In this story the Nodes are the digestive track of the dragon, or the mo'o.  Evolutionary astrologer Anita Doyle put it this way:

...Imagine, as the ancients did, that the line connecting the North Node with the South Node is the alimentary tract of the mythical dragon, and that what is taken in as nourishment at the mouth, or North Node, travels down this tract, being digested and absorbed along the way, until everything of value to the individual has been extracted. What remains as waste is released at the South Node, or what we euphemistically refer to as the dragon’s “tail.”
Getting down and dirty appeals to my North Node in earthy Taurus that just wants to be at home in the earthy dirt.  That back burner creation we set aside is building a cob home.  Seems that desire and our willingness to allow for it are aligning themselves.  I'm working on the research and re-reading of the wonderful book by the Oregon Cob Company folks The Handsculpted House and am delighted to see the drawings of cosmic connections and decisions about building our cob home.  In so many ways the process of building the nests we now call 'home' drew on our connection with earth-sky-sun-moon. Respect for 'aina, malama 'aina and asking permission are at the heart of how we live and build our lives. The vardo and quonset homes were built with the additional knowing that at least for a time, there are materials that were no-goes for us.  We have learned to respect the body's wisdom; and with more time the body experience changes as we change.  Building a home, any home takes energy.  Energy is time, skill, money and persistence.  Rather than 'retire' Pete and I seem to be re-energized with the experiences we have stored up during the past twelve years.  Looking at time as we do astrology ( offered me this yesterday about Jupiter's return to the sign of Gemini:

Elsa wrote "... Seeds are planted during Jupiter transits. Twelve years later you can see how those seeds developed, if they developed. Jupiter rules journeys and this is another way to look at this. What journey did you begin in the latter part of 2000 through mid 2001?"

I left the following comment on that blog post
" Interested perspective: Jupiter plants seeds. I was training to be yoga teacher and began teaching. I injured my lower back (root chakra) and spent the next 5 yrs recovering. Was gifted with a free trip to Hiroshima to deliver 1,000 paper cranes folded by many hands over the year (2000-2001). I traveled with the injury, thanks to my benefactor friend I met wonderful and kind people in Japan, experienced the Sadako Sasaki Peace Celebration. I saw the effects of the atomic bomb. Life includes pain. Others can help. Not every path is mine. Peace is collective. Pass it on. ...
Twelve years ago these seeds were planted:
Life include pain.  Pain is part of a natural birth.  It's what happens when the baby becomes Earth-centered.
Others can help.  If you tell the you need help.
Not every path is mine.  That's the trick. 
Peace is collective.
Pass it on.  Sharing the journey might help someone.

Where were you 12 years ago and what journey did you begin in mid 2000 - 2001?

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