Saturday, June 2, 2012

where is the emphasis?

When I write fiction and hear the voice of a character it doesn't matter as I pull the voice through my finger tips where the emphasis or gluttal stop pauses the word.  I am too busy enjoying the art of translation to stop for the details.  Sloppy grammar or an inaccuracy doesn't stop me.  I pour the story through and am lost and love it.

While I translate experiences fishing for a connection between my world as a healing mortal the proper emphasis matters if it is my mind that wishes for clarity.  Is it o'o or o'o or o'o; even this the software doesn't accurately mark the vowels but you get the drift a Makua (adult) o'o is a matured adult or a maturing adult; a Makua o'o could mean an adult crowing as a chicken might be crowing; a Makua o'o with a digging stick.  The story and the meaning of words changes and I wonder how important it is in the end.

Link here to see a magnificent Pokot Tribe elder woman with a stick ... a Makua o'o and a Makua o'o
And here a crowing hen ...

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