Monday, June 4, 2012

Na pua

Last night we christened our new garden-side bathtub filling it with hot water the tiny boat shaped tub swirled with the completed promise of progress:  we had made the leap from two cups of water in a pan to a tub enough to soak neck to toe.  Progress is sometimes slow to be seen by the eye, but when one ages the measurements for progress change and the wait is more just part of the process and we have come to love the incremental.  Last night the cool night air and dark sky just prior to the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse was a perfect culmination.  Pete has worked in true Virgo and Cancerian fashion attending to details and setbacks with the ultimate pulse of nurturance a backbeat to his projects.  The pipes have been sweat, the joints checked, the innovations and solutions are working and for at least an hour the joy of a tub full of hot water, and access to the nozzle a craftsman soaked it in. The promise kept:  A soaking tub for two water people, the Scorp and the Crab.

Like mothering, nurturing is a process of completing a promise that requires patience; to be part of watering a seed.  This morning the photo above arrived in my email.  Na pua ... the flowers.  The kaona ... the precious.  My son and girlfriend in France wearing gifts (around their necks) from beach walks along the Salish Sea here in Washington. 

Something(s) good happened with the Eclipse.

And for you?

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