Friday, June 8, 2012

Sitting with "The Pono Sisters"

Pete and I spent the day in the city.  Island living in the Pacific Northwest means you must canoe or catch a ferry from the moku to get to the city.  Some folk have their canoes, and a few own a plane and fly above the trees to make their way into Seattle.  For us nest dwellers without feathers and wings of our own, a $25 roundtrip ticket aboard The Washington State Ferries gets us from ke'ia to kela.  Like most island folks who aren't commuting to and from work, our city day was a planned event ... conscious and purposely scheduled.  It takes a lot to get me off the island!  Generosity and friendship has gifted us with many things and this city excursion was inspired by a gift:  two tickets to Yes!Magazine's 2nd Annual Celebration in Seattle's Town Hall.  A very generous and active friend asked if the event interested me.  To be honest, I had never read Yes!Magazine before we talked about the event.  My friend changed that when she handed me a manila envelope with four issues of Yes!   Okay, I was hooked on the mission and content and yes, I thought the event would be great.  Our names were put on a waiting list for the evening event with Alice Walker, Frances Moore Lappe and moderator Puanani Burgess, from Hawaii. 

The theme of the celebration was "People Power" and thanks to our generous friend (who is in the woods of Wisconsin with her family experiencing a Paleolithic summer, as elder-in-residence at 75 years old) Pete and I were part of an evening with "The Pono Sisters" (a named coined by Pua Burgess that night).  It was an evening to top a day of great satisfaction, and medium effort on our part.  We have resources to pay for a roundtrip ferry ticket; energy and health to make my way into social settings; and a consistently passionate will to connect with pono, stay close to the essence of aloha.  Here's the link to the video created of that event.  You judge for yourself the quality of the conversation and the mana of the message.

Mahalo Margaret.

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