Thursday, November 6, 2014

Ho'opuhi ... to distill ... an updated story

Kapa Beaters

Kapa stamps

Kapa stamped in the Wana design

One of the things I love about blogging over time is being able to see what old posts have captured your attention Dear Readers. (Thanks to the 'Popular Post' gadget on the side-bar) This image of Hawaiian kapa printed with the design of wana, sea urchins, is one of my life-long favorites. That visual taps into the poetry of genetics that is instinctual, cellular and timeless.

As makua o'o committed to a life of investigation and life-long learning, distilling or rendering down life into its essential and sustaining foundations can be a daily 'ah ... ha.' Like the shaft of light at dawn or wana ao. Like the sharp spear of light, or the sharp spike of the sea urchin. Metaphor and poetry in a veil. Read more about the process of distilling story here.


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