Tuesday, November 11, 2014

In the last century ... we were here

We returned to the Home Place, Kuli'ou'ou Valley just before the turn of the century. With very short hair, and very very long hair and dreams that needed revisiting. The old(house numbers, paint and Ma's plant in the cement planter) and new (the red screen door, new porch and steps, a new beam to hold up the roof and Pahoa Valley bamboo railing) versions
of the family home at 319 Dalene Way can be seen in this picture
 taken by dear old friend who was visiting from Washington. Thanks JT.
Pete and I began a life as a couple on the island of Maui. This is our Iao Valley cottage deck in 1995. The beautiful blue iron chair and the cedar furo that Pete built makes me swoon. What a tropical paradise that cottage was, cockroaches (big ones and lots of 'em) and all!

The photos were scanned with lots of extra space flopping behind the images. It makes no never-mind though. We all have a little extra flopping these days. There's room for that:)

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