Friday, November 21, 2014

November 22, 2014 World-wide day of healing through letter writing

Writing and Mailing a letter might be 'old school' to many these days. But the W and M activity has a special place in my heart. It's the five-step-process captured above that took me from dreaming up the love of my life to the next level. I wrote a letter to the guy I'd dreamt up, sealed the envelope, took the envelope to the post office and let that letter fly to Green Bay, Wisconsin. A tall silver-haired man opened that letter, considered the consequences for writing back and the rest of the story is still in the making. I had written my first love letter and the rewards? Well, they fill the pages of my blogs, and the mythic tales inspired by that silver-haired raven man.

I'm a believer in all the 'old school' practices that make for a safety pinned, heart-poundingly enjoyable fully lived, kind and connectable life. I'm not such a rabid follower of Face-book, but I do have an account with that social network and because of it I found out about the World-wide day of healing through letter writing project. Here's an invitation to write something from the heart with your hand, a piece of paper, a pen or pencil. A collective and personal act of slowing down to put your whole self into communicating. One of the things I learned very early on as I watched and listened to my first storytellers was the importance of the pause -- the wait -- between one word and the next. The scene or the story halts just for a moment, the pregnant pause promises something brand new. That's the thing about the hand written and mailed in an envelope letter. The pause. WAIT FOR IT has such meaning when you think of it that way.

Do you have a letter aching to be written? Maybe tomorrow is the perfect day.

With love,

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