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Last chances: Saturn returns (retrograde) to Scorpio March 14, 2015

My favorite astrologer Elsa P. wrote this morning,

"Saturn will turn retrograde in Sagittarius on March 14th, 2015.  He’ll return to Scorpio the second half of June through the first half of September. Scorpio and the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo & Aquarius) read this and groan. However, I see this as an opportunity.
Saturn only transits a sign every 28.5 years. If you keep this in mind, you can see this is your last chance to get a grip on Scorpio-themed problems and set yourself up for close to three decades..."

I discovered Elsa P, blogger and astrologer when Pete and I were rebuilding our lives and building the tiny home we call VardoForTwo. Regular readers know the story of how and when I first discovered Elsa, but I'll recap, and use a scene and line from a movie we watched the other night. The movie is "Love is strange".

The movie is about two older men, Ben and George (71) who marry. Ben teaches music in a Catholic school and when news of the same-sex marriage gets to the higher ups Ben is fired. Without his income the newly married couple are forced to sell their apartment and separate as the only solution; Ben moves in with their former neighbors (two party-loving gay cops) and George goes to stay with his nephew's family and sleeps in the lower bunk with his grand-nephew.

These are deep (Scorpio) issues and both men, and their families and friends are challenged (Saturn) to deal with life in its murky reality. The line and scene from the movie happens very late in the film. George is sitting on the couch during one of the party-loving cops' party. He really wants to sleep, but, a young man comes to sit on the other end of the couch. They start talking. George wonders whether the young man is hitting on him. He isn't. But, when the young man discovers the couch is George's bed he asks, "Are you homeless?" George says, "Yes." The conversation grows and both men lead to the discovery that the young (anthropologist) is about to leave the city for another country and has the keys to a rent-control apartment. The apartment that is now empty.

Through the adversity late in life George and Ben make the most of their opportunities to deal with Scorpio issues (sex, power, legacy). A new home comes just in time ... but there is a bitter quirk to it (and I won't spoil it for those of you who might want to see the excellent portrayal of men on the screen).

Circling around to how this relates to meeting my astrologer, and the upcoming Saturn retrograde to Scorpio. When I first discovered Elsa Panizzon, Pete and I were sleeping on the floor of a basement apartment kitchen. We were to most peoples' eyes/thinking homeless. We were learning to live with an illness that many couldn't understand, and though we had money to rent, we had to live in a foil-wrapped kitchen floor because 'normal' housing was unsafe for me.

While Pete found the material and built an eight foot by twelve foot mobile bedroom on a lawn perched over industrial Seattle, I struggled and dealt with a body and soul that needed re-fitting. We had internet, and an old laptop. As I searched for materials and processes to build our new life I found the first astrology blog ever ... Elsa Elsa.

Since the resources and values that suited me pre-illness were not working (Scorpio-stuff) I would need to find a larger picture to reframe life to survive. Elsa Panizzon taught me to use astrology to understand myself in relationship to the whole. That was 2008. Elsa was my 'young anthropologist at the other end of the couch.'

When Saturn retrogrades into Scorpio again in June (through the first half of September) 2015, the planet gives me a second chance to look at the power struggles I have with my public image Sun (10th House of Career); Mercury (how I think); and the deep and primal wounds of Chiron. My dreams rehash my past roles and careers, I revisit homes I have long ago left. Are there any gems of good to bring with me at this stage of life? Or, can I move into this new spring and summer and fall of 2015 willingly and easily letting go of the struggle.

Can I go back to school and learn my lessons well as the old Crosby Still Nash and Young song goes? I am a Scorpio-sun woman, born in the year of the Golden Pig in the Chinese zodiac. Can I use this Saturn retrograde school time and become the good-natured essential Pig at 67. The I was born to be?

Any other Scorpios (or Fixed signs) relate?


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  1. Saturn is retrograde today. I feel the restraints on a project I'd like to kick off this weekend. Elsa gave me something to chew on ...


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