Thursday, June 16, 2011

Full Moon Birth

The moon is now in Capricorn, the lunar eclipse and full moon according to the Gregorian Calendar has moved pulling with it the energy of our full-flood of intentions and a new day.  Our view of the Po Mahina (the phases of the moon) allow for the belief that there are four full moons.  Yesterday was the po called HOKU, today is the po called MAHEALANI and is often considered the contemporary calendar's full moon.  Aue, not this month, and so it might vary in other months or malama as well.  The study and integration of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar challenges my beliefs, slows my impatient pursuit of answers, and in the process fuller meaning arrives.  Sometimes, I need all four bright moons to see the light other times I'd just as soon pull the comforter over my head and wait it out in the dark. 

This lunar energy has spawned new birth and excitement.  One more beautiful blog.  I am a fertile turtle and from the welling up of the full moon and the release of one more large burden, the contracting has birthed a blog of story, comfort, food, and the moon.  In a package of juicy red and golds WHISTLING WOMEN AND CROWING HENS was born a fully-developed baby blog.  Not premature, nor  pulled with forceps this blog has been long in the making.  Surprising me still, this blog waited for the eclipse during full light to push her way out of the womb.  I am thrilled to see the new blog and the collaboration with a talented culinary artist to expand the character of my blog-gene. 

Here is the link to WHISTLING WOMEN AND CROWING HENS.  Take a look, oooh and aaah at her and leave us a comment to let us know you have visited.

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