Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

Both Full & Lunar Moon energy will peak this afternoon (3pm Pacific Daylight Time) here on Whidbey.  I'm feeling the pull of the tides in my emotions and body.  Just back from a long sit on a log at the beach, I watched the long sandy bar and the low-tide of the Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse on its way.

Astrologers say the effects of an eclipse are felt for six months after the eclipse with the enduring nature of letting go and moving on just as Mahina moves.  She doesn't carry our personal burdens, our emotions are ours and yet she is nurse to us all and says in whatever language you hear in your heart, "there, there, you'll be alright ..."  Parked as I was for awhile I watched and felt all that was there with me on the quiet mid-day on Whidbey.  On the back of an envelope came this ...

Stay long enough
to feel the changes ...
in the direction and speed of wind,
watch the tide shift
from empty
to slow yet steadily filling.

In me, the water changes too
from low empty --best resting
to fillig slowly, steadily.

Stay  long enough
to see pidgeons
walk the bar
find the just-right
length of nesting;
the heron hungry
at low-tide,
now angler at knee-high water
rich hunting as tide shifts.

Stay long enough
stay long enough
stay long enough.


  1. Mahalo, as I rock back and forth with the ebb and flow of emotions, your words of wisdom bring much comfort on this journey.

  2. I'm happy to hear that, Anna.


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