Friday, June 3, 2011

Hauoli La

Summer is in the air here on the Island.  Sunshine and music fill the orchard, the Quonset door is wide open, JOTS is fast asleep and Pete is cutting the tall grass around the table and chairs.  We prepare to celebrate on Sunday, one year of being here.  Life in the car, sleeping in parking lots, a'ole a 'normal' home Akua and the guardians stayed with us as we made our way.  Like mo'o (lizards) who shed skins we have done that too.  Shed of many things, beliefs and limitations the today we live is more content.  We envisioned this life:  plenty of trees (a thousand), fresh air (most of the time), kind and quirky friends and sharers-of-place, planting space, quiet, resources to grow more good relationships.

The regularity of nature:  mahina risings and settings...thirty phases of dark-light, 'ole moons that refresh and reclaim balance and direction, awareness of the sounds, sense and growth in shrub, fern, pine, cedar, alder and fungu help connect with what is important.  Slowed and secure we have allowed for relaxation and release of suffering.  Older and more accepting of life as it is, our lives as real people attract other real people.  Hauoli, happy with ourselves we are happier with each day.  We are more at ease, less afraid, we gentle out.

On the sink across the Quonset the first of the green shoots from the Ki Kahuna (sacred ti-leaf) swells.  I've spoken and welcomed the precious plant from O'ahu, and smile to think we are here together Island to Island, preparing to celebrate happy days.

Hauoli la!

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