Saturday, June 25, 2011

NEW WORKSHOP : "Unfurling" the fourth and final workshop based on Kaulana Mahina

The series of basic and foundational knowledge and practice with Kaulana Mahina (the Hawaiian Moon Calendar) and the universe from the Kanaka perspective, ends with the workshop entitled "Unfurling".  This fourth workshop-study group will summarize and integrate all three workshops, and add the recent work of Pua Kanahele and the system of knowledge called Papaku Makawalu.  "Unfurling" will offer a broad and specific system of knowledge from which personal journeys can unfold.  The broad and foundational knowledge comes from the many teachers' mana'o shared in the four workshops of Kaulana Mahina.  The specific ways in which those teachings aid you comes from your readiness to make connection, room and images that speak to you in relevant ways. 

A PREVIEW of the workshop "Unfurling" is now available for reading, and will remain public through July 1st.  Link here, and see if this workshop appeals to you.

The new workshop begins with the energy of a solar eclipse in the mother of astro signs, Cancer.  What births are on your horizon?

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