Monday, June 6, 2011

Moon in June

Our weekend of celebrating our first year here in the woods was a two-day party, cooking and sitting to eat and tell stories at the new orchard table (which now has a fine long bench to go along with it!).  My universe, our universe, the Universe seems to expand with abundance.  Information flowing full-flood during this June with New Moon in Gemini has indeed birthed so many connections.  Pacing the flow is my challenge, but I am excited by the huge sweep of traditional mana'o timing itself so this makua continues to feel alive.  I'm just up from a late afternoon nap, the glory of getting older and mostly-retired and revelling in study is soul sweet stuff for me.  Pete is off on a late evening ferry ride to participate in community discourse in Mukilteo:  there is an issue of the table he has followed for months, and he wants to be there to track and in-put his dime's worth.  It's an equivalent sort of sweet for him.

When I began blogging here at Makua O'o, these pages were a place to anchor my spiritual practice while the physical world we'd known came mostly undone.  Not wishing at this time to recount that journey it is enough, I feel, to say we have learned through first-hand experiences many things we do not want.  Now, the practice of using the tools of makua give me a chance to keep learning, and publishing.  Blogging is an awesome sample of the criss-crossing and dot connecting nature of a Universe ever-birthing.  I am in the process of learning and integrating the mana'o of two of my contemporary, living heroines:  Rubellitte Kawena Johnson and Pua Kanahele.  Both women draw from both kanaka and western spheres of the educational universe.  Those spheres have been my wells of knowledge as well though my gifts have been tapped differently than these two.  My 'degrees' are mostly internal and my journeying has always been through storytelling.  I continue that through blogs, and now on-line study workshops.

Capricorn-based as I am with my moon and ascendent in Capricorn in the 12th house of depth, and the Saturn task master liberal in my astrology, I teach and I heal, I heal and I teach.  Slowly and steadily I heal from the effects of an illness and reaction to the environment and re-learn my place in my universe, and the Universe.  It's important to know the space that is 'my' universe and feel-sense-connect with the bigger Universe in a personal way.  Having been through the experiences of disconnection, diagnosis and healing there is a sense of urgency and a strangely calm symphonic to what comes after -- what is coming now.  That might be the glory of aging!  Or, maybe just the aging in reverse that is often characteristic of Capricorn's who endure?

Na Po Mahina and the Universe

The regularity of Mahina's crossing the sky began our re-membering time.  We watched her, felt her and counted on her while we lived open to the world ... vulnerable in all ways and somehow, stronger because we were turned in-side out like all babies.  Huli,up-ended and birthed again.  Sources seen and unseen help every step along the way contractions and galloping momentum pushes me forward.  What a ride!

More tools for the Makua

Lunar Return Reports
Over on the side-bar (to the right) is a NEW LINK to Lunar Return Reports from Elsa P.  creator and author of the first astrology blog.  Yes, she wrote 'em when the blog was a new word, a new world.  I am using these reports as a new tool, another one.  Elsa's helped a lot over the years, maybe these reports are a tool you could use.  They're very inexpensive and filled with monthly insight.

Monthly On-line Workshops-Study Groups
Count On The Moon "The Blessings of Emptiness" or "'Ole Mahalo" was our first workshop based on the Kanaka's Universe.  The focus was the Hawaiian Moon Calendar.  The blog-workshop venue is growing and progressive, and exciting.  A small group is consistently finding the rhythm of attuning to Mahina, the connection with cycles and the cultivation of their space/place in the Universe.

The current monthly workshop Malama I Ka Ha has just included the mana'o and teachings of Kumu Kawena Johnson, and with this new teaching the meaning and vibracy of the Kumulipo (the 2000 + lines of the Hawaiian Creation Chant) takes on personal meaning.

I am in love with learning, and find stability in discovering connections.  Are you connected?  And to who and what are you connected?

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