Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Control every outcome; miss a lot of magic?"

Saturn in Scorpio (2012-2015 transit) "How can I become an expert at exploring a labyrinth of powerful information, some of it hidden within me? How can I remember that if I try to control every outcome I will miss a lot of magic?" - Intuitive Astrology, Elizabeth Rose Campbell
Projected Labyrinth

More about Saturn in Scorpio from Cafe Astrology
-"The challenge will be releasing our fears and anxieties and expressing them without fear that we may be giving up our power in so doing. By denying our dependencies, we restrict ourselves. Saturn might require us to let go of one or more dependencies on others, a source of financial support, or an addiction. While this may initially feel extremely uncomfortable, ultimately we in fact gain a sense of personal empowerment."

Saturn is direct now. What? What that means if you are conscious of the labyrinth of connections that include the pull of the heavens (all that is beyond what we see ... the controllable) is the planet Saturn's migration no longer appears to be going in reverse. What Saturn governs (time and lessons to tend to over time) is moving forward now. Saturn in Scorpio moves through the Tenth House of my chart. It's the public reputation, and "career" house.

"... You need to feed your vision of what is possible, and vow to never allow yourself to be drawn into a situation that is defined by boredom, pettiness or the mere obsession with money ever again. In the weeks and months ahead you’re likely to discover that you have the capacity not just for a spiritual level of consciousness, but also to live as if that were the one thing that’s the most true about you." - Scorpio Horoscope for July, 2013 Eric Francis

Several wonderful connections and clarifications are happening in my life now. I use astrology and my on-going practice as makua o'o to navigate the labyrinth Elizabeth Spring refers to in the first quote about. Yesterday I was asked to visit a stone marked labyrinth laid out on a former meadow within a large spot of land. It is not far from where we live, and the land and labyrinth is used by many people each year. My kuleana is not labyrinths, but I do have a great respect for and affinity with pohaku, stones. There are questions about the labyrinth; its history and usage seem to have a story that is either fractured or in complete. Perhaps, the protocols of asking and listening have been mislaid. I was asked to ask. That is all I did. I asked, and fed the vision of what I found possible. It was not about making money from a 'consultation' but was instead a way to honor the stones and the place.

I chose not to enter and walk the labyrinth yesterday. Instead my chant E HO MAI was done at the foot of the labyrinth. My voice the gift. I stood with the woman who had asked me to come. She stood, I asked. The thing that happens when the protocol of permission is practiced with respect, is there is room for magic. If there is control that is needed the preparation is the discipline. So I bathed before, asked permission to take a sacred leaf as protection, and carried a stone from my part of the earth. The listening took time. Time was given. I noticed. The stillness around the labyrinth was visited by a very soft wind that only stayed on the hillside at the head of the labyrinth. Gentling the wind made her presence know. Later, I would acknowledge her.

The woman, the caretaker of the land, and I sat after the chanting and talked. She, the caretaker, has kuleana, responsibility. And she understands kuleana is multi-layered. She is a good listener. There are many people to involve in her daily undertakings. I shared my thoughts and observations and made suggestions. I posed questions, and left her with the la'i, the sacred leaf. I was honored to have been asked. She was thankful for the insight. When I returned home, I took a long warm shower to disconnect from the energy of the experience; the all important part of connections. My friend and gardener who invited my husband and I to the land and introduced me to the caretaker left me with that essential piece and protocol for connections: disconnect. When things are done. Wash it off. When the call is over, unplug. My friend's insight made me think of Lily Tomlin ... always room for joy and a laugh. Magic.

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