Monday, July 8, 2013

Mercury IS Retrograde, not Mercury IN Retrograde: Helpful uses for this time

"Mercury REtrograde periods are a natural and even helpful recurrent cycle, totaling no more than 70 days each year—it is part of the natural rhythm of life, just like the seasons. At these times, we get the opportunity to REthink, REview, and REvise our thinking and our written and spoken communication. If we use it to REexamine the flow of our work and our day-to-day lives, these little mishaps can teach us something about Right Action...PS. Helpful hint: If anyone tells you that Mercury is IN retrograde, feel free to ignore their advice.  They clearly don’t know Jack about astrology, or they’d say that Mercury is retrograde." - Donna Cunningham 
Ha, ha, ha. That, to set the record straight, is why I am an avid, and still-learning student of astrologer, and not, an astrologer. I am guilty of using the 'IN' word. I stand corrected and thank my former writing pal,astrologer Donna Cunningham, for the edit. The current Mercury Retrograde cycle began June 26 and lasts through July 20. The complete post on Donna Cunningham's blog is great information if you're looking for inspiration for using the energy of Mercury's retrograde. Link to the post above.

"... the early part of this retrograde period should be fairly smooth.  Enjoy it, because ’round about July 15th, which will be the last week of the retrograde period, things are going to get real sticky. This is because Mercury will get caught up with Uranus and Pluto at that time. Mercury turns direct on the 20th and he’ll clear out of this mess a few days later. This period (roughly between July 15th-23rd)  is jacked enough, it makes sense that you lower your expectations. People are going to be pressured and popping off, dealing with problems they could not have predicted...-Elsa P.
Regular readers here on Makua O'o know that ElsaElsa is my astrology homebase, I visit Elsa and Satori daily. What I count on from these women is the broad and the detail view of astrology in my real life. Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Cancer, and for me, the retrograde takes place in my 7th House of relationships, especially the intimate ones and the partners that I may be considering. I've an intimate relationship with a husband who is Cancer-Sun with lots of Gemini, and Virgo-rising. It helps me to know the potential for the sticky and volatile energy. No, it doesn't mean freeze in fear, but it does remind me to use the energy ... step aside (hard for a hard-headed Scorpio with lots of Capricorn) but that's where being an elder in training keeps me humble and less inflated with hubris, or is it that cowlick that's acting up again?

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