Thursday, July 4, 2013

`A`ole a`e kau i ka pûlima Ma luna o ka pepa o ka `ênemi Ho`ohui `âina kû`ai hewa I ka pono sivila a`o ke kanaka

"No one will fix a signature
 To the paper of the enemy
With its sin of annexation
And sale of native civil rights"
(The English translation)
"Though the light feels like fall, the calendar says Fourth of July – the day that Americans embrace gunpowder and alcohol to celebrate their independence from colonialism, which they later inflicted on Hawaii, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the "minor outlying islands."
-"Liberty and Justice for All" Kauai Eclectic, Joan Conrow
It's important to recognize the value of freedom in the light of a clearly revised history once you come to know it. With a big blast of what could only be an 'illegal' burst of fireworks not far from the Quonset, I sit at this electronic communication and let the kupuna say it. Kaulana Na Pua. Joan Conrow is always there on Kauai to remind me the battle continues. The duality of humanity is no more explicit than is this day: we celebrate the birth of a loved one, Pete; and say," 'A'ole a'e kau i ka pulima Ma luna o ka pepa o ka 'enemi Ho'ohui 'aina ku'ai hewa I ka pono sivilia a'o ke kanaka." (the translation into English begins this post.)

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