Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mercury is direct this week, but oh what a time!

"Expect people to project on to others this week, to the extreme...
 People will project their shadow, of course. They will also project their luck, their vision, their anger and their good judgement.
This is a week where whores and virgins can and will be confused."
Elsa P.

Mercury's three week retrograde changes gears today (Saturday the 20th) and that means thinking and projects needing extra attention to details can begin to move forward. However, it's a week where those hall of mirrors can throw a monkey wrench in the works. Elsa P gives a clear caution in her post and quote above. I know exactly what Elsa's talking about with projecting the shadow of my own extremes onto those closest to me. Like a volcano!

What I take from my astrologer's caution is the light and the possibility that I could project, and receive the luck, vision... and the good judgement in and amongst the chaos of the shadow and the anger. Energy is neutral until directed. Later today Pete and I are packing up a cooler (with marinated chicken wings and salads), taking the ferry across the pond and driving into Seattle for Bon Odori. The annual celebration of life, and a time to recognize and remember the dead, Bon Odori, or Bon Dance is something we have loved being part of. When we lived in Hawaii we began dancing with friends and strangers, joining the Japanese style street dances in a spirit of joyful companionship. If energy is neutral until directed, I am hoping that my ego is porous enough to allow for joy to fill in the gaps and give myself and others a break this week.

Last night update: Bon Odori was fantastic fun. The faces, families, the voices and the dancing. Just what we needed. Such a great time!

How about you?

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