Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cultural Kipuka

"Cultural kipuka were calm and safe traditional centers of spiritual power where Native Hawaiian beliefs and practices were able to develop long before Western and Christian influences."- McGregor, 2007

Our son is living on O'ahu. A couple days ago we chatted and he told me about a recent study completed in Hawaii focused on Hawaiian (and Pacific Islanders) health. I've read the report and begun to sift through the details sniffing in my fashion as woman with stick (makua o'o) for the magic in the message. I found it! For me, as I wrote back to my son yesterday, the "cultural kipuka" was something to chew on and digest. This morning I used the cybernetic portals available through these keys and screen and found the YouTube filmed in the Waianae Valley at Ka'ala Farm on the Leeward coast of O'ahu. This is a film and conversation with Eric Enos and here I listened with my whole body and felt the heartbeart of my culture. (Press that arrow above now if you have thirty minutes to feel with your whole body.) Listen carefully for Eric Enos' definition of "kipuka" using the beauty of Hawaiian metaphor and the concept that is the papaku (foundation) upon which Ka'ala Farm restores and reminds Hawaiians of our true inheritance.

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