Monday, October 7, 2013

"It makes no never mind!" We did it

 "Feel the possibilities
The soaring fantasy of your dreams
The solid support of your reality!"

From the imaginary and virtual reality of a cozy place painted by one artist and written about by another. The Safety Pin Cafe became, with lots of hard work, hours of meditative cutting, pinning and stitching and application of the tools of a Makua O'o ... the real deal. "It makes no never mind, the work is hard. So?"

 Yesterday we pitched tents, said prayers, chanted over and over again and let the stories fly under a sunlit Sunday sky. It was the real deal. We kept a promise to give thanks to the people and place:The South Whidbey Tilth.

 Link to a bit more over at The Safety Pin Cafe blog.

Thank you to our friend Michael Seraphinoff for taking the photo at the cafe opening!

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