Friday, October 18, 2013

Lunar Eclipse in Aries today

Here's the whole of my astrologer Elsa Panizzon's newsletter. I opened it up this morning. It's great news for a full moon, lunar eclipse and weekend coming up. I'm re-posting it here because it is great news, and Elsa is a source worth supporting. (If you like it, go here, look at the sidebar on the right and subscribe to it yourself.)
"There is a lunar eclipse in Aries today - I don't think it's fierce or scary!  Jupiter (exalted) in Cancer is involved.  This sounds like a fresh (Aries) storyline (Jupiter) to me!
In the new story, you should be a hero or a winner or some such thing. Wimps and losers not in vogue today - sorry! More info here.
The weekend is going to be quite pleasant. Saturday gives us a Grand Trine in Earth. This always has a calming effect on people.
It features the moon, Mars and Pluto. Think in terms of making an effort (Mars) to renovate (Pluto) the home (moon).
Er...tell your kids to clean their rooms! 
You may also want to get rid of some emotional (moon) garbage (Pluto). Either way, things should go well.
There is an enormous emphasis on the Earth and Water signs on both Saturday and Sunday. No joke! The moon, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are all in either Earth or Water signs.
These elements get along. As above, so below!
Sunday, the Moon in Taurus will oppose Saturn.  You might have to come to terms with something at that time, but I still think that overall, it's looking very good.
If you want to see something scary - check out the Astrology of Halloween
If you like this letter, please pass it along. Thanks for your support!"

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