Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Frog dreams

Picking up where we left off ... 

The long and consistent legacy of Frog as go-between for the species ... being able and adept with water and land worlds, fueled Bernadette with agility. Her dream was seasoned with a question that had her tongue dangle from her large, wide mouth. "Hungry with meaning, and morsels to retrace myself," again she was speaking loudly making her voice, her song available to any helpful spirits.

T.F. was along for her ride tonight. It was a place of respect that put him at his Queen's side. Bernadette had lived other lives when being queenly had meant she supported a regent with all her powers: she gave all her energy up and in the process had nothing left for herself. It had been a long, long time ago. A 'Once upon a time' time. Recalling her legacy, Bernadette swatted at the flies that buzzed around her in the dreamtime; most of them were fat and tender, tasty bites.

As she swallowed the essence of each of those flies had separate effects. She found it necessary to rest as she digested. "This little fly was tasty at first, but the after-affect? Sticky in my gullet. That little fly, was hardly worth the effort." The Frog King marveled at the finely-tuned discernment and wondered, to himself, how she did it. Still quiet in his observation he also wondered: "What does it matter?"

While Bernadette rested in her dream, she slid into the side-ways slope of dreaming while one dreamed. A very chalky reality it allowed a frog to see from multi-faceted eyes. Her purpose for dreaming was to answer the question of whether she (the Queen of Frogs) had taken her guardianship of the human, named for a bird, as if to keep a pet. In the wall of mirrors Bernadette could see the answer. Tamed, pampered, fed and kept a pet is dependent, and at worst, powerless.

Lokea was an aging human woman with a destiny to be reassembled and made to remember she was not powerless ... unless of course, she believed she must be pampered, fed and dependent upon someone more sovereign.

At this point, the Queen woke. Her large frog eyes focused. T.F. had his long arms stretched out in front of her. "What are you doing?" she was truly perplexed.

"I'm trying to prevent you."
"Prevent me? Prevent me from what?"
"I'm trying to prevent you from seeing what you see."
"THAT is preposterous," Bernadette swatted skillfully with her tongue, using it as a whip. T.F. withdrew, feigning pain.
"The exercise was worth the tongue-lashing." The Frog laughed. "I couldn't help the pun. But, truly my Queen, you are not without your inner wisdom, your common sense. You did not let my pitiful attempt to obstruct you have any effect."

Bernadette understood. The message was better than all the flies put together. To be a pet, one might make a conscious choice to be one. That would end with a consequence to live with. The Bird, Lokea, was grieving the loss of a wild animal who had given herself to be a Familiar ... NOT a pet. The decision to turn a Familiar into a Pet was a human's uninformed or 'entitled' action. Sorting through the karma and the destiny of Queen Frog and Woman named bird, it was the screech of the owl that made the difference.

********************** Two times were meeting on the border of reality. The Boundary was important to both Frog and Woman. Bernadette was in the past, looking and preparing to deal with time when the Panther, Lokea's Familiar, was taken as a wild one is hunted. *******************
In the dreamtime, The two frogs would return to spill their findings into a cup filled with Nectar of Place. Both here, and there, the grounded Earth time and the spirit time of frog dreams were what Bernadette fished for.

Lokea Bird would need the freshly-filled Nectar of Place to grow herself into herself, the next necessary step in satisfying her soul's deepest desire.

"Ah," said T.F. to himself. He saw what his Queen dreamed and nodded in appreciation. 

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