Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's a Strawberry (Saturn) Full Moon in Sagittarius

Elsa P wrote this last July (2014) when Saturn was in Scorpio, before he headed into Sagittarius. The planet of long-suffering lessons, or as I see him, the planet who can and will bring a body to her knees, leaving strawberries where needed, led to my favorite astrologer's advice:
"If you’ve not seen any magic lately or if you’ve forgotten how to cultivate it in your life, here are some ideas…
You’ve got  to work things out with people, rather then failing to work them out. And for Godsakes, no excuses. Blame yourself.
Are you alone, because you pushed everyone away?
Are you depressed because you’re holding on to a corpse? Are you clinging to something dead, be it an idea, an addiction, an ex, or an ideology?
Do you absolutely refuse to do anything new, think anything new, open you mind?
When was the last time you sacrificed, purely to serve another person’s need?
I do see people coming together at this time. They have certain things in common. First and foremost, they’re humble..."

In a few days, transiting Saturn will return to Scorpio for the summer. The issues and questions Elsa posed last summer are in the foreground again. I'm paying close attention with the Full Moon in Sagittarius opposing the Sun in Gemini: the big picture (Sag) is lit thanks to the details of the Gemini Sun's position. I'm muddling through another period of suffering, and all those questions above make for solutions other than more of the same.

Though the moon is low in the sky position and hidden from us, with the cloudy skies in the west, I access the look of celestial things and use the Internet to clear things for me. I'm focused on 'cultivating magic'. My body's worn down from the pollens, but, there's nothing I can do about eradicating the Scotch Broom. A test drive out and into town in the June sprinkle of rain humbles me. I am still harshly affected. I munch some lunch, and write. More patience! Soon, but not now, there will be time to connect with friends, and community. Missing others I get the message that my isolationist genes truly do need, and want, the company of others. (Antares, the fixed star in the image above is both in the sky at dusk, and, is the celestial set-point for 'what grounds a person to the things of this Earth.' Antares is in Sagitarrius now, and it in my 11th House at birth. That's the house of friendships, hopes, and dreams.)

As I muddle through this period remembering what it takes to cultivate magic fits my needs now. I have a great cheat sheet of questions to prepare myself (soften the ground of my being) for beds of magic. To help with the cultivating I asked an old and trusted friend, "More medicine stories?" She said, "Yes to the stories." So that's what I'm doing. I've opened up more space for this batch of muddling. Curious and wandering old women? Crones, witches, or sympathetic warlocks? Read the newest sign making and cultivations. Mend, meddle, MUDdle, magic.

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  1. And then there's Pluto in Capricorn adding to the mix for "Collective Depression.":/ read more Elsa. http://www.elsaelsa.com/astrology/advice-for-people-in-despair-as-saturn-turns-direct-in-scorpio/#comment-1281528


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