Sunday, June 21, 2015

Moving, by degrees ... North Node Path

The medicine of story continues, weaving meanings from many places.  (It began, again, here.)
"In this incarnation they are learning to build rather than destroy, and successful building takes more time than the intensity to which they are accustomed...When they are coming from fear, they destroy; when they are coming from love, they build." -North Node in Taurus
The Bird -- Lokea Bird, was a small woman, compact with bones worn from predisposition and the decades of struggle. Bernadette's affinity to the human was unusual. The Fairy Queen had made a pact with the Rest, and spoke often to herself when she said, "Never again. Accepting the responsibility of guardian to humans is too much work." There is you see a very different set of definitions for things among the Fairy or Faery; and work  was an activity that ran the edges of fitness for their kind. Her mate, T.F. had approached her with a question one evening as they were nestled into their tiny home, "Do you suppose, my dear, it may be you have taken on your affinity as though the Bird, the woman named for bird, is your pet?

The question rumbled deep in her belly. T.F. recognized it as deep digestive consideration. When snores were his answer, the regent of all frogs, smiled in appreciation for the differences between them. Bernadette had a bit of information that required collective summoning: she needed help with the issue. While she snored, the doors to dreams opened inward and the frog stepped through. To herself she spoke loudly, "I remember something, some very relevant something about having had to live something before you could possibly write it. Or was it something like if you write something before you live it, your readers will know?" Summoning help always came if Bernadette considered her questions aloud. This night was not unlike all the others.

Through the narrow threshold a very big light pulsed, drawing the Queen into its space. A scoop of milk-ish yellow lit the dream space. "Ah, it is you, Island's Companion. It is you the Moon and surely you could best give me answers to this query. Have I assumed the woman to be my pet? Dreams are very important. By them one is guided to good fortune and warned of misfortune. Like a pet bird, human is take care of. "He manu hanai ke kanaka na ka moe," Moon spoke in Lokea's native words, smacking her jaws and whipping the air between them the Frog Queen collected the words. She gathered meaning and ate it down.

The Nodes, the heavenly pathways that create the elliptic skyway for the Moon's orbit around the Island, Earth, marks south and north. When a human, is born, those who keep track of such things note where the elliptic is at south. They call it the South Node where Earth's path and Moon's path crosses on the Moon's way south. When the Moon travels North and crosses Earth's path that is the Moon's North Node. Again, all in relation to the births of beings.

When a frog dreams, and enters the sky for answers the whole bowl of cherries, the mash of all froggy good ponds lays itself for the seeker. Bernadette was facile with dream crossings and was here for the good of another. That made a difference. She was incarnate for just that purpose. As a human, her soul was destined to work to survive. She learned how. She had the blistered tongue to show for all her efforts.

Now, the Queen had to sort her destiny from that of the human with a North Node in the sign of Taurus the Bull. This was complicated. "But you're fit for the challenge this time, my Queen," it was T.F. He had followed her into her dream, a thing they often did to or for one another. Tonight, Bernadette was glad for the company and made room for her frog man in the moon's bright light.

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