Sunday, January 20, 2013

Coming Soon: 7 Bodies(5 planets plus the Sun and Moon) in Pisces February 23- March 12, 2013

Woken early this morning it was time to wash some of the heavy energy I'm feeling from Saturn in Scorpio. Today is 'Ole Ku Kolu, so these are good moons to reflect upon what needs weeding, washing and otherwise maintaining.  I found something to help: transformative water energy of Neptune Pisces, a 7 body stellium coming soon.

"Turns out the Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Neptune will all be in Pisces between February 26, 2013 – March 11, 2013. The Moon will join the stellium on March 10th and 11th – this is something I’d mark on a calendar."

To get some insight into the potential of this energy I went searching. The huge stellium of 7 heavenly bodies in the sign of Pisces (Neptune) falls mainly in my 2nd house, with spillage (my Sun and Mars) into the 3rd house. Dana Gerhardt from writes this about the 2nd house:

...Your 2nd house ground must be worked. [You have to transform what you find there.] As an infant, this house was a veritable Garden of Eden. Everything you needed—toes, food, and teddy bears--was magically supplied. Yet as you grew, you learned that gardens must be maintained. Vines need pruning, fruit trees must be planted, flowers have to be fertilized. Earth is a paradise, but it's also full of reality. Pests can destroy your garden, predators can steal your crops. If you don't learn how to increase your garden's yield, your needs won't be met, your desires can't be satisfied. If you wait for manna to drop from the heavens, you'll starve. In other words, you have to get real in this house. You must learn how to use, protect, and manage its resources, or you'll suffer a fall from grace. Anyone who has a problem with money is just plain naive about that... Read more

And, again from Dana Gerhardt I found this about the 3rd house and transits through this house:

... through the 3rd we collect a stream of information about the changing contours of our environment. Nothing-not even our familiar world-stands still. Lose interest in these changes and your mind will lose its potency. When you cease to wonder about what's strange in your day-to-day world, when you lose your willingness to taste new words and imitate without self-consciousness, [when you forego the thrill of acquiring new masteries, however small, you will lose the vast richness of this house.] The issue here is not what we learn so much ass that we learn. In the 3rd house we're performing the good work of keeping our minds alive and, in Bob Dylan's words, “forever young.”
The rest of this ramble continues below the break. Take a breath and carry on if you have the time ...I think it will entertain you, watch out for the winding tail.

I took myself into town yesterday. A simple pleasure, and a luxury, as I sit to recount and appreciate the excursion. I am able. I have the transport, and the resources to keep the petrol in the tank. At once both pleasure and luxury in one simple act.

"Yes, yes the duality of human experience" The feel of masked exasperation was as thin as second-day tea but she was right. The duality is easily juggled particularly when I forget to take the medicine. So, in the light of day I find the white pill in the little plastic room marked F and am reminded. "I forgot." The medicine does work if I remember to take it.

Alright now on with the story ...
I took myself into town yesterday and enjoyed myself. The fog and cold as if it were a London morning as I imagine it to be, without ever being there. Hoping to side-step the routine there were still the errands: a stop at our mail box (no goodies or other-worldly messages); drop offs and a pickup of a reserved movie (a delightful and funny Porco Rosso); ground turkey for meatball soup; a for later almond paste indulgence from the Swiss Bakery. With my errands completed there was still an itch for something.

My coin purse felt just heavy enough to make a small purchase. With no promissory notes folded into the tiny purse I walked the sidewalk on First and set upon what Julie Cameron calls an Artist Date. Just because dates. Just because it could be... This time my stroll along a familiar path was made anew as I noticed the many different signs of the shops and businesses that line both sides of First. Particularly, my eyes drew to the hanging signs announcing and advertising a garden shop, dress shops, a vine shop, the new cupcake place. Always in love with the shape and space of letters I took my fill of them and allowed myself to see the letters announcing the story place I have been frequenting. [Code for she has been obsessing over The Safety Pin Cafe].

Earlier this week I received an email from the gal I'm working with to create a storytelling production of The Safety Pin Cafe. "The roof is coming off. So glad you asked about remodeling. It starts at the end of the month." Well, you who know this writer and storyteller might image the panicky worry warts erupting from the back of her head. And, you would not be far from wrong. The warts did do that, and when there are days (or nights) when I forget to take the medicine, well ...

But, time does miraculously leave panic in the dusty corner to be swept into the dust pins in the light of day. My date with art on First Street helped immensely. Packages in one arm, I pulled the wooden door into The Good Cheer Thrift unsure of what might await me; all the while knowing it did wait. My first stop was in the aisle between the binned cutlery and shelves of plates, bowls and assorted mugs. Satisfactorily entertained with colors and stacks I was surprised by the face and voice of a very cheerful woman. New to me she seemed familiar. "I know you!" she said face beaming in a smile as she tugged at one of my braids that had escaped my coat and scarf. "You're Pam's friend." At first, since I was sufficiently in my world where second-hand mugs and dinnerware assemble I wasn't sure I knew what or who this voice was talking about. But, of course, she was talking about my friend, the artist who is co-conspirator. Finally, 'though it was probably once a second or two, I replied, "Yes, I am." She said she was Pam's friend, too. "We're trying to be family together. I don't have family here, and neither does she," continued the cheerful Thrift shopper. Without having to be told I surmised (correctly): this was Lena the one who collected things included the amazing tea cozy with flowers. The tea cozy that Pam saw as hat for the Border Witch in The Safety Pin Cafe.

The conversation did not last more than five or ten minutes at the most. Just long enough though for me to discover them. Tucked at the back on the second shelf was a sweet and simple tea cup. Not very tall, nor ornately decorated. I pulled it from its place and held it  my hand. Flipped it over. 50 cents. The right price. The turquoise and black and white checker-board design were exactly the same as the designs I've been doing of characters and scenes to illustrate The Safety Pin Cafe. The drawing and coloring that surprise Pete. "Where did that come from," he asks when one more drawing and colored images shows up. He's never seen me draw before this. I point to my chest and say, "Inside all along. Capricorn is notorious for aging in reverse." In all there were eight of them on the second shelf. Poured from the zippered pouch of my coin purse, I counted my quarters, dimes and nickles. More than enough to purchase eight china tea cups which now nestle in a bag under the black wrought iron table ready when the time is right.

The medicine (metaphoric or literal) works when I remember to take it. If you made it through the ramble and the brambles I hope the connection between the stars, planets, Sun and Moon in Pisces braids itself with my story. So much of life is being able to spot a transformation for what it is: medicine unique and quirky ... "Common magic for uncommon necessity."

Where will the Pisces Stellium be in your life?

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