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NEW MOON in Capricorn: January 11, 2013Baffled landscape of nightmare and dream

"While our intellect chases its bright and lofty visions, our most original, powerful ideas tend to rise from muddy, murky depths below: from the clouded waters of the subconscious; from the baffling landscape of nightmare and dream; from the odd obssessions, weird fixations, and uncanny flashes of intuition that rise up from those strange parts of ourselves that we know and approve of least; from those places most likely to make us feel ridiculous, and exposed. The muse, if we follow her far enough, and honestly enough, demands that we bare it all: our angel wings and our asses' ears. It doesn't matter if we're writing genre fiction and not memoir; it doesn't matter if we're painting fairy tales and not self-portraits. "All art is autobiographical," said Federico Fellini; "the pearl is the oyster's autobiography." - from "Dare to be Foolish" Myth and Moor, Terri Windling

There's a lot going on at the deep and muddy depths with so much planetary action involving Pluto (deep) Saturn (responsibility) Capricorn (more responsibility and commitment). With the New Moon in Capricorn coming up on January 11, 2013 Elsa P. wrote

...The Sun and Moon meet at 21 degrees Capricorn, joining Venus, Mercury and Pluto in the sign.  Mars is in Aquarius, the other Saturn-ruled sign, so the emphasis on Saturn here is off the charts....
Elsa goes on in that post with some ideas about how to make use of this New Moon based on which house is affected for you personally. Click on the link above for those ideas. The New Moon in Capricorn will be in my 1st House so I'm going to need to take responsibility and lead. For me, this means taking care of how I appear as I 'lead' and manage. Capricorn spans my 12th house (deep emotions and secrets) and 1st house (how I appear, who I am). Thing is at this stage in my life, some of my emotions have been locked up and in many ways I've told a lot of lies I've come to believe. One of the most effective ways for me to come to terms with the depths of myself is through storytelling, and in particular the writing of fiction.

Here is an excerpt from my medicine story and fairy tale The Safety Pin Cafe: "Did you know humans are the only animals who deny their own metamorphosis?" I was ill-prepared for the question though Raven had not left my side since the old Gypsy woman finished with her reading, and that comforted me. Was it just a reading? "It was just that," The Lady answered and motioned to Raven as she pat the empty seat next to her. I felt his gloved hand on my right elbow but remained where I was. "I want to think about what you asked, Raven." It was the first time I'd addressed him directly and meaning no disrespect for The Lady, this was another of those inordinate questions; not common I believed. I thought of my hens who were molting, dropping feathers rather than eggs. They were not so much changing as the caterpillar became winged, but my hens knew their place and their timing...

At this stage of life, using the effective routes to metamorphosis or creativity is still a juggling act and it matters that I am gentle with my wishes. Because, like they say 'be careful what you wish for.' We, anyone of us, can and has been a faceless woman or man. Terri Windling's opening quotation from Dare to be foolish is the potent potion that I take to both allow me to scream when an offense is true for me and dare to write fiction as a way through the nightmare of being unseen, unheard, unknown.

Behind the scenes, and as I work on my New Moon in Capricorn project, I take my own medicine written in the form of The Safety Pin Cafe. Please note dear  Readers: The ten-doses of the medicine story The Safety Pin Cafe [go to the sidebar on the right, click on each dose to read] will remain here until the end of January, 2013. After that it will go to the backroom where I and my collaborators conjure the story's metamorphosis.

How will you be using the energy of the Capricorn New Moon?

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