Thursday, January 24, 2013

Floating Free

We took a day trip yesterday. The fog lifted for the occasion, Pete freed myself from his connections to gardens, food bank and general shoveling and sortings; I left the laptop and off we went. Our destination was north to Orcas Island, the largest of the San Juan Islands and three hours by car and ferry from the woods here in Langley.

It was a day of breaking free we both needed. A day of just for the fun of it, and time to visit an old friend on her pile of rocks. The travel time was nearly equal to the time we had to visit, eating (the Fried Egg Sandwich Pete had was amazing ... too bad for me I was so busy chatting he ate it all) in wonderful Mia's Cafe. Before it was time to drive from the town of East Sound our friend, and local "long-time reader" (of books far, wide and deep) Maurine walked us across the puddle strewn sidewalk into Darvill's Books. A completely charming bookstore with just the right amount of smatter and eclectic character real (in your hands) book lovers could call 'home.' It is our friend's second home, where she has worked for several years and is now there on occasion (or request) as I watched her step behind the coffee bar to make a latte while the barista on shift stepped out. Beautiful books, a sweet and intimate bookscape of shelves and accessories, cards, colorful socks, cds, and journals blank and inviting a story, a poem a muse-inspired sketch. There's a chance I will return to set up a storytelling event here at Darvill's. I talked briefly with the proprietress about The Safety Pin Cafe, excited about the potential for taking that story on the road, and onto islands here and there. Just a tiny bit of shameless self-promotion. (Just a reminder: One week left to read The Safety Pin Cafe.)

We made one last stop with Maurine before getting in the ferry line for Anacortes. Still book related, we pulled into the parking lot of the library. Maurine is a librarian. Could you ever call a librarian a 'former librarian'? Don't know for sure, but will guess that those skills don't retire or become a former life. Instead, they seem to spread out like ivy potent and opportunist, in the best possible ways. Walking with our Sag librarian friend was a tour of books on foot like I have never experienced, or perhaps have forgotten was possible remembering all my most favorite librarians ever ... Mrs. Petrie from elementary school. Oh my. M. volunteers in this library two hours a week. "Weeding" is what she does, weeding out titles and cleaning titles up so they're in the right category. She knows such things, and as she said since most folks who volunteer in the library don't, this library is lucky to have a mistress of categorization.

It was a whirlwind day, and by the time we made our way down the familiar and dark driveway through the woods we were happy to be home. Not a bit ashamed to admit that at least one of us was homesick for the woods. The thing is about small breaks in the daily routine is how the resistance and oppositions that linger in our relating to others, our selves, or our settings can be freed up with a change. Back to the routine, Pete is working, I am writing, and our ferry fare has taken us off the island and back. Our brand new desk top computer is ready for us. We'll pick her up tomorrow. Life proceeds.

A few of my favorite quotes from people familiar to me via the floating world of the internet conclude this morning ramble. Hope something tickles you, or frees you in some way.

"Jupiter turns direct in Gemini on January 30th. Many will change their minds and/or their philosophies in February. I think it will be enormously (Jupiter) interesting (Gemini) to watch....Once Jupiter turns direct on January 30th, all the planets will be direct until February 18, 2013, when Saturn turns retrograde." - Elsa P.
 "An opposition challenges us to keep two sets of needs in balance." Donna Cunningham
"I don’t think people realize they can dig deeper and get beyond their complaint to point where they’re happy and deeply satisfied. They simply don’t know how to get ’round the bend, so they can see the blindingly brilliant magic in their partnerships..." Elsa P.
  “We keep each other alive with our stories. We need to share them, as much as we need to share food. We also require for our health the presence of good companions...-Barry Lopez

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