Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Inspired ... the astrology of it

I've been very busy working on an idea, a story that has lit me from the inside out. I've been inspired. Elsa wrote about the 'spark' of love, or inspiration on her blog today. She says:
"...The thing is, if you do not act on that spark…if you do not go after that love, nothing will happen. The spark will die out.
You have to chase stuff like this. Love. But also an idea you might have, or some other kind of inspiration...
Elsa's blog post and questions got me thinking about what makes me do it; what makes me go after a love, or an inspiration? Answering through the astrological lens I've got to say it's that once maligned Uranus in the 6th House-Gemini that does it for me. 'Once maligned'? Yup, not too long ago I can remember bad-mouthing and whipping my self for not sticking with it: the corporation jobs that used to pay me a regular check with regular benefits; the neighborhood that I grew up in even when I was getting sicker and sicker living there; the old friendships that somehow under-mined my goofy, artsy writing. What I didn't appreciate about Uranus the Revolutionary is his lightning speed and red-hot poker primed for making sparks.

I think a sad and stultifying condition takes over when you let sparks die over and over again. I think through experience the condition flips a switch on the inside that is more and more difficult to reach even when you want to chase love, or inspiration. Over analyzing or weighing up the options can be good if you're a wild hair without much balance or good luck. At my most debilitated and overwhelmed with sensitivities the waters of Neptune saturated me. Too much exposure to the dousing waters was like having the 'Reset' button duck-taped in position . Time and Saturn (hard work) would need to recondition my ability and willingness to chase a spark. I had to relearn to trust.

Now, six years after the worse stretches of loss and illness ease and my trust muscles can hold a belief, I am chasing a spark of fantasy and taking the advice of my other astro-coach, Satori.On Monday, Satori wrote:

"Venus sextiles Neptune. Fantasies abound and in an aspect of opportunity this could serve as impetus for some of that action. It could also add an imaginative factor to a day that might get to feeling rather dry otherwise. Take that fantasy energy and use it on the field!"
Why do I babble on about this spark chase? Because like she said, if you don't the spark dies. Too many dying sparks and there you have it, lights out. I've been busy this week taking the story of The Safety Pin Cafe into my town and on the field, and I'm finding collaborators excited to play. (Read the sidebar to the right to catch up on what I'm doing with The Cafe). And the logo above? That's the logo of the professional women's basket team from L.A. California. I learned something today while chasing a spark. I learned there is a team named The L.A. Sparks. Pretty cool!

Do you chase sparks?

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